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Why Choose TLS?

1. We can enable your company to leverage Best-in-Class carriers throughout the globe
2. Aggregate purchasing power and lower freight rates
3. Automate and streamline work processes
4. Benefit from economies of scale
5. Instant access to your data and analysis
6. Transportation experts with knowledge of “industry best practices”

Freight Recovery - Are you charging customers the right amount for freight costs?

Capacity Sourcing - Are you effectively utilizing all your external resources?

Accessorial Creep - Are your carriers maintaining base rates, but increasing their revenues by manipulating surcharges?

Maverick Spending - Are your locations complying with corporate routing guides so you can aggregate your spend?

Carrier Consolidation - Do you need to reduce the number of carriers, improve rates and ensure contracts are in place with qualified vendors?

Inbound Programs - Is there an opportunity for you to reduce costs and streamline operations by taking control of your inbound freight?

Substantial Savings Potential