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Based on your review, TLS would appreciate your consideration in partnering with our company. TLS would like to set up an appointment to review and provide a free Transportation needs analysis assessment.

WHAT Total Logistics Solutions Inc. OFFERS

TLS will help companies automate virtually every facet of their supply chains.

Improve Internal Communications

To deliver optimum efficiency and consistent customer service, your organization needs to establish seamless communication across departmental and geographic boundaries. This includes not only voice communications, but also data communications.

What Total Logistics Solutions Offers

TLS solutions are designed to enable online, real-time collaboration within your organization – as well as with your customers, suppliers, and business partners.

Integrate Key Business Processes

Over the years, your company has accumulated a wide range of systems, ranging from legacy-based applications to Web-based solutions. Too often, the result is an inability to share information that is vital to your most important business processes.

What Analysts Recommend

While costly middle ware has often been used to build bridges between applications, today’s technology platforms can reduce or eliminate the need for such customized programming. Harness the new Web Services architectures that are designed for easy integration with other software solutions – regardless of their age, origin, or language. Then, take full advantage of the synergies that result from true integration of your business systems and business processes.

What Total Logistics Solutions Offers

TLS will assist customers to reduce total cost of ownership while allowing Your organization to integrate its most important business processes.

TLS business model is as follows:

1. End-to-end logistics services
2. Supply chain integration
3. Real-time customer collaboration
4. Proactive customer service and support
5. Global partnerships

Emerging Technology and Trends

In the years ahead, next-generation supply chain event management solutions We will provide end-to-end visibility across multiple supply chain applications. Warehouse management systems will interact directly with automated material handling equipment, while advanced order management solutions will enable LSPs to manage every detail of their customers’ product, supplier, order, and shipment processes.

If Your Free Transportation Logistics needs Analysis Assessment make’s sense, the next step is to discuss the specific changes and implementation solutions in detail. After that we can provide you with a quote describing the specific implementation solution for your approval.